Schadenfreude is my friend



I don’t know what I love most about this photo.

Could it be that the younger daughter’s doll is wearing the same ugly dress as her?

Could it be that the older daughter has realised that she’s never going to get laid by guys who want to be her daddy’s intern again?

Could it be that son #2 just realised all those guys at his prep school who’ve been wanting to beat [off] on him these past six years are finally going to get their chance?

Could it be that his wife knows he’ll want nasty consolation sex tonight?

Or could it be the smile on the lighting guy up on the balcony. Three guesses which way he voted…

Mistakes, what mistakes?


So, the Government has won a vote impeding the initiation of an inquiry into the conflict in Iraq. Which isn’t all that surprising, as it’d be like suffering from diarrhea and then sifting through the shitty mess with your bare hands looking for the cause. But my favourite quote isn’t Des Browne’s failure to remember the party line and thus promising an inquiry, but Margaret Beckett’s assurance that there will be a time when we want to learn lessons. Obviously she feels no need to learn any lessons at a time when they might do some good for the population of Iraq. Or perhaps she’s just waiting until she moves jobs again, so someone else has to pick through the blood and shit looking for ‘lessons.’ Silly bint.

Arty-charty disco party


There’s a great thing happening at Cornell – the faculty have been asked to provide the infographic which has been ‘the most most important, remarkable, meaningful or valuable.’ The responses are many and varied, but one chart keeps cropping up:


Population growth is the 800lb gorilla in any discussion of what is likely to happen in the next century, in part because the notion of population control is anathema to most societies. So, playing devil’s advocate, maybe Bush et al. are actually doing the smart thing by provoking a conflict between two of the dominant social forces on the planet, hoping for an apocalyptic solution to the problem. Of course, focussing on the apocalyptic allows them to ignore their responsibility to address the more immediate problems. Strange then that Clinton & Gore are spending their post-Presidential careers focussing on climate change and the long game.



The White House today angrily denounced a Washington Post story pointing to a sharp increase in President Bush’s use of the word “unacceptable” to describe things and events he doesn’t like.

story, which was based on an analysis of presidential speeches and
transcripts over the past six years, suggested Bush’s use of the word
is “a signpost of Bush’s rising frustration with his declining

A White House spokesman said the story was “unacceptable.”

via Whiskey Bar

Presidents Roslin & Johnson


So, in the next post I’ll be yammering about the American population
hurdling the 300million barrier, but while searching for a pic of LBJ
next to the population clock in ’68 when the population hit 200m, i
found this:

which reminded me of this:-

I get the feeling the similarity was intentional.
Which is yet another apple of awesome in BG’s barrel.