Booklist 2015


Monstrous Affections – ed. Kelly Link
Random acts of senseless violence – jack Womack
Mr. Penumbra’s 24-hour Bookstore – Robin Sloan
Red Mars – KSR
Glow – Ned Beauman
The Just City – Jo Walton
Into Thin Air – John Krakauer
Blue Mars – KSR
Green Mars – KSR
The invisible library – genevieve cogman
The drawing of the dark – Tim powers
Station Eleven – Hilary St.john Mandel
Afterparty – darryl Gregory
The children of the sky – vernor vinge
The gone away world –
The diamond age
Lord of all things – Andreas eschbach
Player of games
Knight moves
Kolymsky heights
Men at arms
Guards guards
The magicians
The magician king
The magicians land
American gods
The honours
Thief of time
The clockwork universe
Tatja grimm’s world
The book of the new sun 1-4
Soul music
Hawkmoon 1-4
The power of the dog
The Cartel
The Annihilation Score
A spy among friends
Equal rites
A little life
The traitor Baru Cormorant
My brilliant friend
Europe in Autumn
Europe at midnight
The company
Before they are hanged
The blade itself
Last argument of kings
Zero history
Rogue male


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