Donna: I’m perfectly serious, Toby. He’s recovering from an attempted murder. He’s supposed to be resting and I don’t want people going over there getting him fuhtushed.

Toby: Fartoost. Don’t bring the Yiddish unless you know what you’re doing.

Donna: You know what word should be Yiddish but isn’t?

Toby: Donna.

Donna: Spatula.

Toby: Thank you.

Donna: Also far-fetched.

Taxi! Follow that ape!


So my youngest nephew lent me King Kong today, and it’s awesome. So far, at least. I’ve yet to play as Kong, but the 1st-person Jack parts are grand. There’s something Zelda-ish about the internal consistency of the world you play in, as you can use the environment to best the monsters, and induce the monsters to eat each other, which is a good thing, as when they start eating you, you don’t last long. The lack of any HUD is a blessing, with the state of your ammo related by Jack telling you how much he has left, and your invisible life bar being in one of three states – alive, mostly dead, and dead. Which seems about right on an island populated by giant spiders, various giant lizards, and oh, yeah. A great big ape.

— ooh, Barry from Eastenders just called David Blaine a cunt on C4. I love that while Americans crowded round his Times Square iceblock with signs of support the British responded to his 40-day fast by flying remote-controlled helicopters carrying bacon-double-cheeseburgers round and round his elevated glass box.

Presidents Roslin & Johnson


So, in the next post I’ll be yammering about the American population
hurdling the 300million barrier, but while searching for a pic of LBJ
next to the population clock in ’68 when the population hit 200m, i
found this:

which reminded me of this:-

I get the feeling the similarity was intentional.
Which is yet another apple of awesome in BG’s barrel.

How the west was wung


Leo McGarry: You have an interesting conversational style, do you know that?
Ainsley Hayes: It’s a nervous condition.
Leo McGarry: I used to have a nervous condition.
Ainsley Hayes: How did yours manifest itself?
Leo McGarry: I drank a lot of scotch.
Ainsley Hayes: I get sick when I drink too much.
Leo McGarry: I get drunk when I drink too much.

Jayne Cobb’s pretty hat


I watched a fine episode of Firefly tonight – “The Message” – which has the chap from the wondrous Buffy ep. “Conversations with Dead People” in it, and I was struck, as always, by Jayne’s hat. Seems like I’m not the only one…

He robbed from the rich
and he gave to the poor.
Stood up to the man
and gave him what for.
Our love for him now
ain’t hard to explain.
The hero of Canton
the man they call Jayne.

He never met a dweeb?


BARTLET: There are fourteen punctuation marks in Standard English grammar. Can anyone name them, please?
C.J.: Period.
JOSH: Comma.
MANDY: Colon.
SAM: Semi-colon.
JOSH: Dash.
SAM: Hyphen.
LEO: Ah… apostrophe.
BARTLET: That’s only seven. There are seven more.
TOBY: Question mark, exclamation point, quotation marks, brackets, parentheses, braces
and ellipses.
C.J.: Ooh.
JOSH: Wow!
TOBY: Do you call the raise sir?
BARTLET: There are three words, and three words only in the English language that begin with the letters DW.
JOSH: This is a pretty good illustration of why we get nothing done.
BARTLET: Can anyone name them for me please?
SAM: Three words that begin with DW?
SAM: Dwindle.
TOBY: Dwarf.
TOBY [to Sam]: C’mon Princeton. We’ve got dwindle, we’ve got dwarf.
BARTLET: I see you five and raise you five by the way.
TOBY: Dwarf… dwindle.
LEO: Fold.
JOSH: Fold.
C.J.: Last card down.
BARTLET: “Witches brew a magic spell, in an enchanted forest where fairies…”
TOBY: Dwell! Dwell, dwell! Dwindle, dwarf and dwell!
BARTLET: Well, the answer’s correct but let’s check with our judges and — oh no, I’m sorry, time’s expired.