Cats are evil pt. 4


This young Japanese girl became so infuriated by her cat’s evil deeds that, having no better solution to hand, she ate it. The taste of pure moggy evil infused her with wasabi-like powers of spite and malice, and she began consuming cats on a near-daily basis, pausing only to cleanse her palate with mango juice. The girl pictured below disappeared having consumed at least one-hundred and twenty-four cats. Tokyo now waits in fear of becoming the steel yarn with which Catzilla will make her play.


If only the girl had remembered that cats are evil, Tokyo would still be safe.


4 thoughts on “Cats are evil pt. 4

  1. I’ll probably get in trouble for saying this, but I have a sneaking suspicion that this qualifies as “porn” for whoever took the photos. Dunno why.

    Poor cat. The one in the top right seems to have lost its contact lens.

  2. Enragedtitan

    Women who treat their cats like children need to get sodomized. What I see here is a mental sickness within these four women. That’s why I plan to train my dogs to kill.

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