Avast, me hearties!


We should print thousands of these, and send them to every studio head, DVD retailer and anti-piracy tsar in the land.

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Films of 2007


So, last year was a bad year for many things, watching films being one of them. I saw fewer films last year than in any other year of the last dozen. I thought for a while it was because I was watching so much TV I’d downloaded from the net instead, and maybe it was. And watching films isn’t quite the joyful thing it used to be – diminishing returns, perhaps. And so, a new year, a folder full of unseen films to start things off, and a continuing list behind that little tab under the clouds to help things along.

  • The Illusionist – Slight, and slightly predictable.
  • Borat – I love you, Sacha. I want your babies.
  • A Scanner Darkly – Eye-candy. Now do Ubik.
  • Match Point – Jonathan Rhys Meyers is entirely unlikeable in everything, but he seems to despise Tom Cruise, so he can’t be all bad.
  • Little Miss Sunshine – Steve Carell saved this film from indie mawkishness.
  • Rambo: First Blood – This most recent viewing tainted the nostalgia. Never again.
  • Kiss Kiss Bang Bang – Not ‘not as clever as it thinks it is’, more ‘just about clever enough to get away with its stylistic tics.’

[and yes, this post is a remake.]