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So you want to be a games journalist?


In response to an abysmal article on gamecareerguide.com which explores how to become a games journalist, a near-dozen of the intarwub’s brightest gamehounds have doled out healthy chunks of advice-meat. Feast upon it!

Kieron Gillen’s Workblog
Affectionate Diary
Tracker Bill
Richard’s Online Journal
The Triforce
Mathew Kumar’s Workblog
another little disappointment
World of Stuart
Dubious Quality

  • Update: James/Pentadact goes all meta on their arse, and introduces me to the concise beauty of tl:dr. …link…

Becoming a games journalist has never really tempted me for two main reasons, I think. The first is that games are my hobby, and I don’t want them to also be my job. The second is analagous to the reason I never wrote an essay or dissertation on Vonnegut – I loved his writing too much to let it spoil in the glare of detailed examination. Also, as some old friends pointed out over the weekend, I can be ridiculously idealistic still, and games journalism seems an industry particularly fraught with pork buffets and conflicts of interest.

Ah well, one career-path knocked off the list in the great life-hunt of late 2006. Only several hundred-thousand to go. Next on my to-be-considered list – fluffer.

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