The Southern Reach Trilogy


The release schedule of the SRT is pretty interesting. A trilogy with all three parts in a calendar year – which surely beats waiting for the 3rd book in the Kingkiller Chronicles. It helps that each is a short novel, and that the three could conceivably have been released as one volume.

Aside from John Scalzi, who else is trying something new with release schedules, and segmenting a larger work into episodic chunks, each with a different timbre? It’s rumoured that True Detective will focus on a different set of characters each season, so what will the link between season be, aside from the name? The vibe, the setting, the fictional universe it inhabits?

The Gone-Away World


I feel agony. But I have no idea if I feel love. I don’t have a great deal of experience sorting memory from the present. Is this love? Is that? What about this sort of squidgy feeling there? She might be right. Agony is not love. Not by itself. Unless love comes in various flavours and textures, and this is the one which hurts. That might be. Perhaps love is like hell, and every one is different.