When I left Vault 101, and saw this tower rising from the horizon:

the distant tower

I thought to myself, “Really? Another deconstructed tower in the distance?”

Instead of immediately identifying it as the Washington Monument, which I’ve seen countless times in films, and on TV, I thought of this:

The Citadel

So, when I was heading into DC to find the Vault-Tec offices, this is what I thought I was heading towards, Vault-Tec sounding suitably like the sci-fi occupants for a sci-fi building. And when I finally came out of a side-street, and onto the Mall, and saw the Capitol at one end, and the charred and decrepit corpse of the Monument at the other, my jaw fell to the floor, even more heavily than it would have done if I’d realised what it was when I first saw it at a distance.

Is my imagination and memory tainted by the created worlds I’ve played in all these years?

It would seem so…

I know Geoff & I have talked about how Prince of Persia & GTA impinged upon our view of the world – play PoP too much, and you suddenly see the town around you as an obstacle course. Play GTA too much, and everything takes on a hyper-real quality, with violence always seemingly moments away.

But this is the first time I think I’ve mistaken a real-world artifact for one from a virtual world.