Cartography capitulates to geography.


The New York Times is reporting that melting ice and rising sea levels have turned a Greenland peninsula into an island. [via BLDGBLOG]

“This phenomenon – of an island all of a sudden appearing out of nowhere and the ice melting around it – is a real common phenomenon now.”

Oh goody, more places for footballers to live.

In the future, the few surviving humans are going to talk in clusters of cliches, and will mark every tiny victory in their lives with an over-elaborate celebration. But they’ll all be able to put a ball in the back of a net really really well. So that’s alright then. They just need a mad workaholic inventor to create a series of Rube Goldberg machines that will fuel, feed and clothe them, but only when they strike the onswitch with a dipping shot from 30 yards.

The thought of Christiano Ronaldo being one of the fathers of the future of mankind is an ugly thought. I wish I hadn’t thunk it.


One thought on “Cartography capitulates to geography.

  1. That’s a great quote. Take out the hyphenated section out…
    “This phenomenon … is a real common phenomenon now.”
    A phrase worthy of a footballer.

    Thankfully, they won’t be the future of mankind. They won’t be able to buy those machines after the revolution comes, and I’ve shot them all.

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