links for 2007-01-09

  • This brings back memories.
    (tags: webcomic)
  • Bill Harris on how the Wii is redefining ‘play’, or, more accurately, rolling back the definition of gameplay to embrace ‘play’ again. Guitar Hero does the same thing. [Still don’t like the usage of ‘play’ as a noun, though, my head carves a space around
    (tags: play gaming)
  • Kieron Gillen nails one of the forgotten joys of owning an Amiga on the head: ” …any time I hear a modern gamer say, “That’s not my sort of thing,” I end up sighing. Back then, it was all our sort of things. True gaming sluts, we were up for anything.”
    (tags: football games)
  • An account of protests in Malaysia: “This afternoon found me kneeling on tarmac in the middle of four lanes of highway, leaning back to catch a shot of the advancing frontline of the riot police.”
  • On the origins of ‘filthy lucre’ and ‘pearls before swine’ – in the 17thC, pigs were money.
    (tags: culture)

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