Geoff – god of HTML…


… and biscuits, obviously.


6 thoughts on “Geoff – god of HTML…

  1. hahahahahahahahahaha!!!

    sorry. that’s all I could think of!!

    that’s funnier than fat women falling over and children crying on theme park rides! look at him!!

  2. oh no.. see, fat women falling over.. same old same old.. funny.. but in a boingy kinda way..

    but this??

    I think it’s because I can actually picture the scene. I suspect his next word was something like “guh”.. which he would have repeated quite a lot until he’d been passed tea and a cigarette.


  3. Spot on.

    Although I did pass him a cigarette I refused to make him tea, having been kept awake all night by the symphonic range of his snoring, which now includes 8 octaves of syncopated flem rattle.

    There’s another pic taken seconds afterwards with a flash that’s slightly more horrendous…

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