Which of the following superpowers is properly evil?


So, Eurogamer is having a competition to win City of Heroes, City of Villains, and a bunch of other stuff. The question above is followed by these possible answers:

Flight – Invisibility – Being able to do sums quickly in your head – Universal Parking Permit – Three hands – Every time you clap a kitten dies.

And I’m torn. Because cats are inherently evil, and so being able to kill babycats by clapping sounds Good to me. And doing sums quickly in your head would make Dustin Hoffman’s character in Rain Man an Evil one, when we all know that Tom Cruise is the font of all Evil… and flight is out, thanks to Superman. Invisibility? That was pretty evil in Hollow Man… Having three hands might make Bark at the Moon on Expert finally doable [i’m still stuck at 63%, damnit]…

Thoughts please.


7 thoughts on “Which of the following superpowers is properly evil?

  1. The cats aren’t evil damn it…just ’cause they’re smarter than us don’t mean they is evil…that’s my tuppence on that one.
    As for inherently evil..I don’t really agree with concept of absolute evil, and therefore nothing is inherently evil..but this is a bit of a fannying about subjectivist answer. I don’t think any of those powers are really that evil in themselves (they could possibly be used for good..as you point out). Invisibility is pretty harsh..for the person who loses most of their identity as well as anyone who gets spied on by them…also there’s the fact that government’s would love that invisibility stuff, and use it for ill (I imagine..I lack faith in the government).

    So my answer would be having your unconscious desires answered as you thought them. Would be pretty dark methinks. There’s an animated film (I’ve been trying to find out its name since I saw it many moons ago) where a guy gets a little red growth in his neck that gives him this ability…and it really screws him over (in quite hilarious ways) and then a big corporation takes the growth and implants it in their CEO…dark consequences (big guns everywhere) turns into comeuppance. Anyway…its a good film…if you know what it is tell me. But yeah…unconscious desires fulfilled…like the tricksy genie wishes things (backfiring wishes that is..not Disney’s Aladdin wishes)

  2. Universal parking permit. Or, at least, a perceived universal parking permit. Because it explains both Italian and Welsh driving…

    Cats aren’t evil. How can something that is an adorably cute companion, a tasty snack and a decent set of mittens – all in one – be evil?

  3. Schuey19

    I’d have to go with 3 hands.
    The T1000 has 3 hands in a scene in T2 (flying the helicopter while shooting at the armoured truck), and no one could ever suggest he was anything but poor evil – though gets plus points for trying to kill Edward Furlong

  4. No, dear boy, it’s just that cats are sly, and as we all know sly things love to deceive, so it’s no surprise that the majority of the intarwub has been hoodwinked into thinking cats are good – in fact it strengthens my case. It’d be a concern if it were otherwise.

  5. That’s it – the interwub is right when it agrees with you, and wrong otherwise. Yeah.

    Sounds like you’re evil, and trying to defame the good name of cats everywhere. You’re a plant. And I bet you’re a closet Tory, too.

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