Cats are evil pt. 4


This young Japanese girl became so infuriated by her cat’s evil deeds that, having no better solution to hand, she ate it. The taste of pure moggy evil infused her with wasabi-like powers of spite and malice, and she began consuming cats on a near-daily basis, pausing only to cleanse her palate with mango juice. The girl pictured below disappeared having consumed at least one-hundred and twenty-four cats. Tokyo now waits in fear of becoming the steel yarn with which Catzilla will make her play.


If only the girl had remembered that cats are evil, Tokyo would still be safe.


On being in On Anon


I spent this evening in London, had a fabulous time with old friends at On Anon, threw a philosophical grenade into the conversation, and left Geoff before he started spewing foamy pink everywhere. And I found that my yearning for London while up North was not nostalgia, nor a desire to be anywhere else. I just love London. It thrums beneath my feet when I walk its streets.


London. Maybe it’s time to call it home.



The alphabet according to Google Suggest

a = amazon
b = bbc
c = currency converter
d = dictionary
e = ebay
f = firefox
g = gmail
h = hotmail
i = ikea
j = jokes
k = kelly blue book
l = lyrics
m = mapquest
n = news
o = orbitz
p = paris hilton
q = quotes
r = ryanair
s = spybot
t = target
u = ups
v = valentines day
w = weather
x = xbox
y = yahoo
z = zip codes

Paris bloody Hilton. In the long-distant future, people will examine the internet archive, and pore over every link, and look for an answer as to why she ever came to prominence. Then, as now, they will fail.

weekend slayage


So, and yes.

I’m off to blatter undead for the weekend. In Guildford. I may be yearning deeply for this return to the South – I spent the morning in Manchester proper, and realised I have no love for this city. Not an ounce, scintilla, jot or iota. But give me a few weeks & I’ll surely say the same about Essex. Does Budapest beckon? Mightily.

What passes for normal service will resume Sunday/Monday