Taxi! Follow that ape!


So my youngest nephew lent me King Kong today, and it’s awesome. So far, at least. I’ve yet to play as Kong, but the 1st-person Jack parts are grand. There’s something Zelda-ish about the internal consistency of the world you play in, as you can use the environment to best the monsters, and induce the monsters to eat each other, which is a good thing, as when they start eating you, you don’t last long. The lack of any HUD is a blessing, with the state of your ammo related by Jack telling you how much he has left, and your invisible life bar being in one of three states – alive, mostly dead, and dead. Which seems about right on an island populated by giant spiders, various giant lizards, and oh, yeah. A great big ape.

— ooh, Barry from Eastenders just called David Blaine a cunt on C4. I love that while Americans crowded round his Times Square iceblock with signs of support the British responded to his 40-day fast by flying remote-controlled helicopters carrying bacon-double-cheeseburgers round and round his elevated glass box.


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