The alphabet according to Google Suggest

a = amazon
b = bbc
c = currency converter
d = dictionary
e = ebay
f = firefox
g = gmail
h = hotmail
i = ikea
j = jokes
k = kelly blue book
l = lyrics
m = mapquest
n = news
o = orbitz
p = paris hilton
q = quotes
r = ryanair
s = spybot
t = target
u = ups
v = valentines day
w = weather
x = xbox
y = yahoo
z = zip codes

Paris bloody Hilton. In the long-distant future, people will examine the internet archive, and pore over every link, and look for an answer as to why she ever came to prominence. Then, as now, they will fail.


One thought on “alphagoogle

  1. Schuey19

    That is too depressing for words.
    Even Pamela bloody Anderson would have been more acceptable – shite though she was, she did at least become famous as an actress

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