Why, oh why…


…don’t I have £300 in a drawer somewhere?

360 + PES6 = £300

Less than a week’s work in my last job for more than a year of Pro Evo goodness.


4 thoughts on “Why, oh why…

  1. Schuey19

    I’m slightly torn at the moment.
    I know i should go with Pro Evo [history tells us it’s the better game], but the new physics engine on Fifa is brilliant.
    Might get Fifa, play it for a week, then return it for PES6 – though that does mean shopping at Game which i hate

  2. I can see that. It’s like dating the better looking sister for a week before dumping her and going out with the slightly-less-attractive sister who’s a whole lot deeper/funnier/smarter and is better in bed. And after a couple of months practice will have better ball control. Paul Robinson went through this in Neighbours years ago.

    But go for Pro Evo. Master League mode is sensational.

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