Cats are evil pt. 2


Chappy from the marvellous shares this story:

“I’m at Sarah’s place, about to crash, and I just turned my head to the
right and there were a pair of EYES, set in the face of a strange cat
sitting on the back of the couch, literally an inch, an inch and a half
from my face, staring at me intently. I propose all animals with quiet
feet and eyes above a certain level of creepiness be fitted with bells

You know who else was fitted with bells?
The twin evils of the medieval age, lepers and jesters.

jester cats are evil


One thought on “Cats are evil pt. 2

  1. Also, morris dancers.

    Which is why I disagree with this guy. Cats may be evil, but nothing on this world should be forced to share any kind of association with morris dancers. Except, maybe, Teri Hatcher. Ick.

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