He never met a dweeb?


BARTLET: There are fourteen punctuation marks in Standard English grammar. Can anyone name them, please?
C.J.: Period.
JOSH: Comma.
MANDY: Colon.
SAM: Semi-colon.
JOSH: Dash.
SAM: Hyphen.
LEO: Ah… apostrophe.
BARTLET: That’s only seven. There are seven more.
TOBY: Question mark, exclamation point, quotation marks, brackets, parentheses, braces
and ellipses.
C.J.: Ooh.
JOSH: Wow!
TOBY: Do you call the raise sir?
BARTLET: There are three words, and three words only in the English language that begin with the letters DW.
JOSH: This is a pretty good illustration of why we get nothing done.
BARTLET: Can anyone name them for me please?
SAM: Three words that begin with DW?
SAM: Dwindle.
TOBY: Dwarf.
TOBY [to Sam]: C’mon Princeton. We’ve got dwindle, we’ve got dwarf.
BARTLET: I see you five and raise you five by the way.
TOBY: Dwarf… dwindle.
LEO: Fold.
JOSH: Fold.
C.J.: Last card down.
BARTLET: “Witches brew a magic spell, in an enchanted forest where fairies…”
TOBY: Dwell! Dwell, dwell! Dwindle, dwarf and dwell!
BARTLET: Well, the answer’s correct but let’s check with our judges and — oh no, I’m sorry, time’s expired.


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