Oooeee that’s big.


If I were a billionaire, what would I do with the cash?
Move somewhere warm and idyllic, obviously.
Teach, for, ooh, at least 4 hours a week.
Pay someone to make a great 21st century sci-fi-GTA/Elite game.
Secure the rights to Kim Stanley Robinson’s Mars Trilogy, and never let anyone film them.

These books are probably the only thing I’d be terrified seeing adaptations of. The thought of having a Geoff-meets-UltimateSpiderman moment is hideous. But…
It’d be grand if someone could annotate Google Mars with the locations from the book.
Like Olympus Mons , which is 3 times the height of Everest, and so wide that were you to stand on the summit, all you could see in any direction would be Olympus itself.

How big is Olympus Mons?
This big:

Big enough we could drop it on Uwe Boll’s head and have a fair chance of taking out Bush, thereby lessening the chances of happy-clappy global thermo-nuclear war by the end of the decade.

Anyone know a friendly super-hero with time to spare?


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