Top 25 tv characters – my 1st lazy meme in only my 2nd post – woot!


#1 – Dale Cooper, – Twin Peaks. Pie. Tibet. His friendship with Harry Truman. The fact that he resisted Audrey Horne. Pretty much my perfect man.

#2 – Dr. Mark GreeneER. I cried when he died, you know.

#3 – Toby ZieglerThe West Wing. For being the best grump in history, “No, I’m disagreeing with you. That doesn’t mean I’m not listening to you or understanding what you’re saying. I’m doing all three at the same time.”

#4 – Josh LymanThe West Wing. The Mary Poppins of primetime TV. And then there was this –
Josh: All I’m saying is, if you were in an accident, I wouldn’t stop to get a beer.
Donna: If you were in an accident, I wouldn’t stop for red lights.

#5 – Spike Buffy/Angel. He had the best character arc in TV history [gowan, i’ll fight ya for it]. ‘I may be love’s bitch, but at least I’m man enough to admit it.’

#6 – Catpain Black UdderBlackadder Goes Forth. Wibble.

#7 – Wu Deadwood. Fuckin’ Hang Dai, Wu!

#8 – Commander DataStar Trek: TNG. Would you please continue the petty bickering? I find it most intriguing.

#9 – Det. Frank PembletonHomicide: Life on the Street. He has a stare that’d make my old-boss Melvin quiver in his stylish-yet-affordable boots, and tore through murderers and rapists not with his fists, but with his brain.

#10 – Det. Dutch Wagenbach The Shield. I’ve only seen the first 2 seasons of this, and am getting the 3rd as I type. Mostly to see how Dutch ends up, and whether he ever finds an inner bad-ass, or simply solves all the cases while failing at almost everything else.

#11 – Calamity JaneDeadwood. Best. Drunk. Ever.
E.B. Farnum: Be brief.
Calamity Jane: Be fucked!

#12 – to be continued – i’m off to sell 8 hours of my soul a day.

update [part 2 will go up once I’ve finished watching the first 3 seasons of The Wire] –
Looking at other people who’ve done this one, I found this perfecto description of Toby Ziegler: He lives in his own world and all he wants is to get other people to live there because it’s better (and it is).


6 thoughts on “Top 25 tv characters – my 1st lazy meme in only my 2nd post – woot!

  1. Melvin

    Although when Toby was good he was really good, the guys superiority complex was just too much for me at times (though I was glad it eventually cost him his job).

  2. Aye, his downfall was a long time coming, and as President Bartlett said at the time –

    Bartlet: But the one thought that hits the hardest is that this was somehow inevitable; that you’ve always been heading for this sort of crash-and-burn. That self-righteous superiority; not that you were smarter than everyone; that you were purer, morally superior.
    Toby: Due respect, sir, I don’t think I’m morally superior to everyone.
    Bartlet: No, just to me.

    So who are your 25?

  3. Melvin

    Haven’t really given it much thought, although a lot of those on your list would also be on mine.

    A few I would add:

    Q – Star Trek TNG – Just one of the best Sta Trek villains EVER!!
    Willow – Buffy – Gotta love Allison
    Eugene Young – The Practice – My kind of laywer
    Diana – V – Scariest/sexiest villain ever in a TV series (oh the memories!)

  4. Yes! Diana… V was a fabulous show, which gave me nightmares. Especially the freaky-as-all-hell sand monster which guarded the camp. And the forked-tongue baby…

    Damnit, Melvin, now I have to get a job so I can buy V…
    have you bought Angel yet? You should…

  5. Melvin

    Alas, still no Angel though I did just get season 2 of Battlestar. Will eventually get round to owning Angel (probably next pay day, although i’m now checking Amazon for copies of V), but it all depends on what X360 titles get released – cuz the gaming’s gotta come first!!!

    OMG!!! I think i might need a tissue!!!!

  6. Season 2 of BG was as brilliant & patchy as the first, but it has some damn fine moments, and some great episodes. And it’s as fearless as the first too, especially what they do at the end…

    And more V? With the remains of the original cast returning? That is a moistener, though if I remember right, Tyler [] died towards the end. Shame, he was a real badass.

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