And so the story begins –


Zeitgeber (from the German for “time giver”) is any environmental cue that keeps circadian rhythms entrained by resetting the internal clocks that generate endogenous rhythms. Zeitgebers include light, food, noise, social interactions, and alarm clocks.

My zeitgebers are beschissen. It’s 6am, I tried to sleep some hours ago, but my delightful flatmate was snoring like a train, and my mind was wandering across to the wrong side of the tracks, and so, on the day that I put on a shirt and venture into Manchester to finally find a job, I shall not have had a wink of sleep.

But in other, better news, the Germans refer to a pimp-mobile as a Schlampenschlepper, which makes me strangely happy. 

Time for tea, I think.


2 thoughts on “And so the story begins –

  1. cakeordeath

    so how did that interview go? and how come the no sleeping?

    me I seem to be sleeping more but being awake less
    maybe the sitting around at work doing nothing isnt helping
    unlike today when I went in late, left early.. spiffy

  2. wasn’t so much an interview as a bunch of door-stepping agencies with Nick’s wife, which was fun as we were patronised heartily by a bevy of thick-as-pigswill tartlets, which I found amusing and Susie found gut-wrenchingly painful.

    and the not sleeping is due to the train-engine snores of my effervescent housemate. but i slept like a donkey last night, and have been full of beans today.

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